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About 5.5  weeks is long in some regards, but for world traveling? Not really. I had a lot to see! My latest trip included a revisit of Italy with my wife and a friend of ours for about 9 days, before I moved on solo to what some people may refer to as the ‘grittier’ side of Europe. The reality is, these days Eastern Europe is just fine. Better even, in some ways…

While tourism has steadily ramped up since the region was war-torn two decades ago, there are still places friendly to one’s budget, with tons to discover (before the western hordes grow even bigger.) All the while, hostels are fresh and full of amenities, the European train is still reliable, and budget airlines have made outlying locales more accessible. With that said, my visit was simply amazing as I visited Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Austria, and the Czech Republic, with an unplanned excursion to Poland.

In addition to these 9 countries mentioned, since 2005 I’ve traveled to Argentina, Belize, Canada, the Cayman Islands (UK), Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, France, The Holy See, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, and, of course, the United States. When you put these 25 destinations on a world map, it looks awfully lacking, doesn’t it? There’s a big world out there, so where to next?

Countries Visited Since 2005

Travel Map - Countries Visited

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