Going, going, back, back…

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|Pictured: Florence, Italy|

Riverview Arno

To Italy, Italy. I’m headed back! One of my very first travel adventures – and my first solo – was Italy, just after graduation from University in 2006. In a leisurely self-guided tour I flew into Bergamo, headed east to Venice, then Florence, and finally Rome. The trip produced some great photos and friends. It was also about the time my wife and I started dating.

Now, I get to head back with my wife and a friend to visit Milan for the first time and re-visit my favorite Italian spot – Florence! Or as I call it, the “Austin” of Italy. It’s got a very chill vibe and is famous for its grassroots arts scene. Looking forward to some sunsets at the River Arno and some leisurely, scenic strolls. That should be pretty easy since we’re staying right next to the Duomo, at the Academy Hostel.

Though the plan is mainly to see Florence and Milan, we should be able to do some quick visits to Siena, Lake Como, and maybe Switzerland even. A large part of how I travel is to prepare, prepare, prepare… and then wing it. So we’ll see what happens. Anybody have some memories of Italy, or cities you’ve always wanted to visit?? |GO|


  1. BORING. Delete test comment.

    • Dunzo! haha… didn’t even realize it was still up. Good call out…

    • we did a family trip back in 97 that soudns like that a bit.here is the route we took:landed in Rome. Hired a Car.Drove to Florence (5 days).Drove to Verona (one night).Drove to Venice (4 days).Drove back to Rome (5 days with a very loooong day trip to Naples and Pompai)went back to milan a few yrs later and it was boring. just a large, expensive, industrial city.

  2. My husband and I visited Europe with his parents in 2010, Paris, Venice, and Rome to be specific. It was glorious. The moment we left, I was ready to go back.

    Venice was an extremely small portion of the trip but had some of my favorite memories. The people (at least business owners) were very friendly and easy to talk to. One of the bar owners actually GAVE my husband a glass to keep as a momento!

    The arches and the colosseum were incredible. It still boggles my mind that I got the chance to see all of those things by the age of 25 (Pompei is a MUST!).

    • That’s pretty cool. When i was in Venice i was on a hunt for a good non-touristy glass blowing shop. I didn’t find anything in the 4 (or so) days i was there and left Venice without seeing any glass blowing :(

      Still need to make it down to Pompeii… never went that far south…

  3. You can totally rent a car (my faimly did it) but warning driving in Italy is stressful, confusing and the other drivers are insane. Driving in the country wasn’t too bad and you got to see all these cute towns that don’t have public transport to them but driving in cities is hell. Look into trains.