Sharing the Henry Rollins Note

Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

This general idea can’t be repeated enough. It’s pretty much what I posted from Rick Steves on my prior post. I especially relate to the final lines, “…come back and go, “ohhhhh.” And the lightbulb goes on.” The thing is, that “lightbulb” – the epiphany – can’t be communicated, really. The travel experience is largely indescribable (the people, places, absurdities, and did i mention the people?) and should be experienced first-hand. That’s why when we travelers open our mouths about it we sound pretentious (Henry Rollins and fellow reposters get a lot of flack for saying this sort of stuff). But just GO! If you travel with the right priorities you’ll come back and go, “ohhhhh.” Don’t just listen to us schmucks; see for yourself! |GO|


  1. Love me some Henry Rollins. Rick Steves was the first to open my eyes to the world. He’s the man, but it sounds a lot cooler coming from Rollins. As I read that passage, I hear it n his voice.

    • Rick Steves is indeed the man. I hope coming from Henry Rollins, the message got through to people as the note made its way around the internets. :)